Liam Carr

DOB: 11/02/1996

Quite simply, no current Berwick side would be complete without the inclusion of our homegrown local hero, who lives just a matter of minutes from the Shielfield Park track. Liam's progress in 2016 was nothing short of astonishing, putting almost two points onto his starting average.

He has progressed to the skill level of threatening any rider in the league, and on any track, which really established Liam as a legitimate professional speedway rider!

Of all the riders signed up as Bandits in 2017, none makes us happier to have on our side of the pits than Liam.

"We could not be happier to have Liam progress his career further in our colours in 2017

BRITISH CAREER: (2012-13) Berwick; (2014) Berwick, Buxton; (2015) Buxton; (2016) Berwick, Coventry II.