Lewis Bridger

DOB: 04/11/1989

Lewis enters second-tier racing (now called the Championship) for the first time in 2017, and is ready, willing and able to prove an out-and-out top scorer in our section. He has major box-office appeal in addition to his abundant talent.

He has made just one previous appearance at Shielfield Park, when he contested the GP Challenge qualifier of 2013. On that Monday evening he came into the field at virtually the last moment, and while without any practice laps he was nothing short of spectacular with his explosive style.

BRITISH CAREER: (2005) Weymouth; (2006-09) Eastbourne; (2010) Peterborough, Coventry; (2011-12) Eastbourne; (2013-14) Lakeside; (2015) Leicester; (2016) Lakeside.

MAJOR HONOURS: British Under-18 Champion: 2006; British Under-21 Champion: 2009.

CLUB HONOURS: Four-Team Championship winner: 2005 [Weymouth]; Knock-Out Cup winner: 2005 [Weymouth], 2008 [Eastbourne]; Elite Shield winner: 2009 [Eastbourne]; League Championship winner: 2010 [Coventry].

WORLD CUP RECORD: 4 meetings, 11 points.