Workington in League & Border Trophy this weekend


The Olympus Marquees Berwick Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope, Wooler) have a Workington double-bill starting at Shielfield Park tonight at 7, with the return SGB Championship league meeting at Derwent Park tomorrow at 7.30pm but as added spice the two matches will combine for the annual Border Trophy as well for the aggregate victor.

Bandit's co-owner Scott Courtney is relishing both matches as he explained: "These meetings between Berwick and Workington, due not least for our respective geographical coastal positions, are always keenly fought contests and have been since the Comets came into existence back in the 70s, and the Border Trophy has been hotly battled for many times over the decades.

"However the main aim of the weekend is to come away with as many of the seven league points as we can, and with the guys riding better now than the ide has done all season, we're in for some fun and games. Jye Etheridge now moves up into the main body of the side due to his rising average while Dany Gappmaier moves the other way, which might be what he needs to boost his confidence again and start getting more of his double-figure scores while Connor Coles steps in to guest for the injured Lee Payne for both matches home and away.

"People may not think we can take all the points on the table this weekend, but you know we've had some great results over on the west coast in recent seasons, so I'm not predicting anything and anything is possible, but so long as we get more excellent racing and entertain the supporters at this stage of the year we'll be happy."

Berwick's skipper Kevin Doolan top-scored for Somerset on Thursday night at Swindon while Nick Morris did likewise for the Robins as Jye Etheridge took a good paid five for Leicester who took their first away win of the season at Belle Vue last night.

Berwick: Nick Morris, Nikolaj B. Jakobsen - Rider replacement, Jye Etheridge, Kevin Doolan (captain), David Howe, Dany Gappmaier, Connor Coles (guest), No.8 Kieran Douglas

Workington: Craig Cook (captain), Mason Campton, Ty Proctor, Matt Williamson, Thomas Jorgensen, James Sarjeant, Ryan MacDonald (tonight's guest) (Tom Woolley Sunday)