Witches swoop into Shielfield tonight at seven!


The Ipswich Witches materialise tonight in the Borders tonight at 7.00pm on a quest for SGB Championship League points, and have drafted in an ex-Bandit to lead them from the top.

Danny King was involved in a heavy smash a couple of weeks ago with the initial fear of a break being replaced by ligament and soft tissue damage, which was a relief, but has kept the Witches' number out of action and as a result Ben Barker makes a return tonight as a shrewd guest replacement.

They are also missing Nico Covatti with a speedway injury, and have elected to use rider replacement to cover his four rides, but the Berwick "KLS" Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope, Wooler) have also had to make a change as Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen is out of the country on Danish Championship Semi-Final business with the effective Glasgow star, Paul Starke coming in to take his outings.

Ipswich are a strong-looking side with Rory Schlein scoring highly at five and unknown quantity Michael Härtel making a return from an injury picked up in the same crash as King could well be a dark horse, but their team manager, and former Bandit Ritchie Hawkins, said on the Witches' website: "Berwick on Saturday is a good chance to go and look for a win with Ben again at number one. I enjoy having Ben in the team, he loves riding for Ipswich and is determined to win. We have got to go there and carry on the performances from the last two meetings and look to get a victory and put more points on the board because we have done well in the league so far with five points from two meetings. We have a good chance to build on that and the Championship is out focus and our goal.

“Berwick are not one of the fancied teams but the league is so tough and they are good on their home track. They have two strong reserves and look solid throughout so on their own track they are a tough unit. They have rode well there this season and it is a tough place to go anyway as much as you think they are not fancied to win the Championship, to go there and win you have to put in a very good performance."

Berwick: 1. Aaron Summers 7.54 2. Kevin Doolan (captain) 6.24 3. Dany Gappmaier 5.36 4. David Howe 6.09 5. Paul Starke (guest) 6.50 6. John Lindman 5.20 7. Jye Etheridge 5.05.
Team Manager: Scott Courtney

Ipswich: 1. Ben Barker (guest) 9.10 2. R/R for Nico Covatti 6.30 3. Cameron Heeps 6.68 (captain) 4. Michael Härtel 5.20 5. Rory Schlein 8.80 6. Connor Mountain 3.66 7. Danyon Hume 4.00.
Team Manager: Ritchie Hawkins