A proper way to end a fine season of speedway


As can be seen in the above Colin Poole pic, the Olympus Marquees Berwick Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope, Wooler) the 2017 season was sent off in good - old traditional speedway style with flour and eggs somehow ending all over the riders and management - and Roy Clarke, the unfortunate centre green mic-man who ended with a whole bucket of chalk dust deposited over his head, but even he - despite looking like a Yeti - agreed "That's how proper speedway closes a season!" and the fans agreed as a superb season - with poor results - but an excellent atmosphere and sense of belief was closed in a way they all thoroughly approved of.

On track the Bandits had just bucked the trend - and every expert opinion - that even though they were on a roll, they couldn't make it six in a row, but with a storming 10-point victory, the Bandits did it in style with the 50-40 score line giving the potential SGB Championship League Champions, the Sheffield Tigers something to seriously think about and avoid in the play-off series in the hope they don't meet any more Berwick-style banana skins.

Team manager Gary Havelock said: "What a finish! Our sixth home win in a row, and a 10-point win over the team who are odds on favourite to with the whole darned league! After our lousy start to the season with all that bad luck and injuries we've finished this season like a steam train
and it really gives us strength and a real belief for the seasons to come.

"This group of guys have really come together to work as a single-minded unit, with a team spirit second to none, and we're so pleased with that as we set out to be a "riders' club", a one where the riders and supporters are the most important people we deal with and that has given us such a brilliant pits atmosphere that even now we've finished bottom of the pile (and I hope we actually get a wooden spoon mind!) we've done so much good ground work and hammered down a solid foundation for the future seasons to build and improve on.

"We wanted to get that firm base for this club to thrive on and we've achieve that with the supporters and behind the scenes staff who work tirelessly as volunteers, none of whom we could do without as they keep the daily club stuff going brilliantly. But what a great way to end the season, and I don't think there's many who want March next year to come round as quick as possible!"

Club co-owner and promoter, Scott Courtney was able to confirm what everyone had hoped for when, covered in end of season flour and eggs, said: "Everyone's been asking so I can tell you know, YES  we will be back here in March for another season of speedway at Berwick, and if its even half as good as 2017 has been it's going to be another great year at Shielfield Park!"