Morris' Magnificent Maximum


Two years and fifty one weeks ago a Bandit (Matej Kus) scored a maximum, a 20+1 paid on against Redcar, and the next one was last night when Nick Morris took a brilliant 17+1 over the Scunthorpe Scorpions in a tight match that was only settled after Heat 14 (some may say for Berwick in 2017 - "That's early!").

It was a match filled with the tightest first bends as demonstrated in the Colin Poole pic above which sees Nick Morris, David Howe, Michael Palm Toft and Josh Auty perfectly at the start of Heat 13 which had the crowd - again - on the edge of their seats.

It was also notable for Berwick only winning by six points yet took 10 wins in the 15 heats suggesting a far bigger margin of victory, but six it was, and well won with obviously the number one taking the lion's share with five of them, but the skipper Kevin Doolan collected three wins of his own showing bursts of his best form with the determination expected from the never-say-die Aussie.

David Howe and Jye Etheridge took the last two wins, and both blasting hard with determination with every point vital to Berwick's win.

There's no doubt that the Bandits 2017 season has finally clicked into place, and while league honours evaporated many, many moons ago, this year will be remembered very fondly for the standard of racing which has excelled expectations every single night of the year and sets up the management for a cracking 2018 when it comes along, but after this match the Comets of Workington had better beware as the Bandits are not giving up despite the late stage of the season.

Team manager Gary Havelock said: "I think the season should have started in August, cos if it had we'd be flying up the league table now! But that's  not how it works, but never mind at least the standard of racing has continued to be of the best as again this win over Scunthorpe was a fantastic match to watch with brilliant racing all the way.

"Mind you when your number one weighs in with paid 18 it makes life a bit easier and the fact it's taken Nick as long to get a max shows how strong the Championship is so close to the Premiership, there's very little difference these days. Scunthorpe made that meeting tonight with a good performance as you don't get a good match with only one good team, although it would be been nice to send them home with no points.

"Now - bring on them Comets!"