Its Morris and Howe in the Pairs on Friday


Pre-GP Friday night is SGB Championship Pairs night in the UK and with the inclement weather forecast, the Somerset Rebels' management have had their track covered since Thursday afternoon.
As has been proven here at Berwick on numerous occasions, track covers can save meetings threatened with rain and it's hoped that this system, making it's debut at the Somerset track will do the job as well as has been seen at Shielfield Park.

Berwick have a pretty decent chance being represented by Nick Morris and David Howe who will battle it out in Group Two against stiff opposition in the usual tried and tested Pairs format which has produced some spectacular racing over the years.

Each team will ride against every other team in their group (four rides each) with the top two teams in each group progressing to the sudden death semi-finals.

Winners of each semi-final will then race in a winner-takes-all Grand Final.

Semi-final losers will race-off for third place, and as ever the scoring system is: 4-3-2-0.

Group A:
GLASGOW: Richard Lawson & Aaron Summers
PETERBOROUGH: Chris Harris & Jack Holder
IPSWICH: Danny King & Rory Schlein
WORKINGTON: Thomas Jorgensen & Ty Proctor
SCUNTHORPE: Michael Palm Toft & Lewis Kerr

Group B:
EDINBURGH: Sam Masters & Erik Riss
NEWCASTLE: Robert Lambert & Steve Worrall
SHEFFIELD: Josh Grajczonek & Kyle Howarth
REDCAR: Charles Wright & Ben Barker
BERWICK: Nick Morris & David Howe.