David "The Phoenix" Howe makes it three Bandits fo


The Berwick Bandits' management have continued their week of construction for the 2018 season, starting in March next year, by adding a third Bandit to the register, and it's a name sure to delight everyone connected to Berwick with Leicester-born David Howe putting pen to paper over the weekend.

Nicknamed "The Phoenix" due to his resurgence as a major SGB Championship force in 2017 following a year out of action after recuperating from a nasty injury and making a massive impact in the latter half of Berwick's last few months of action, the hugely experienced, and personable 35-year-old who proved to be one of the most popular Bandits of modern times made it clear that he would love to continue his revived career, but having had one of the best experiences of his 20-year career with Berwick, that he really would only consider a return with the Northumbrian club, and now his, and all the Berwick supporters' dreams have come very much true.

Co-owner and Promoter Scott Courtney was equally as thrilled, saying: "We are buzzing to get the 2017 comeback king David Howe back as our third rider on the Berwick Bandit's roster for the 2018 season. He wanted to be back, and made no secret of that fact, and we always want riders who desperately want to ride for us, and his loyalty is amazing! 

"David became an instant hit on the terraces at Shielfield Park Stadium and recaptured his enthusiasm for the sport in abundance last season and is keen as anything to make sure that continues in 2018 as he is determined to re-establish himself as a legitimate heat leader in the Championship and once again show the Speedway world exactly why he was a Team GB member and a fierce competitor on the world scene not that long ago."

Howe joins the previously two announced riders, skipper Kevin Doolan and newcomer to the Berwick scene, Aaron Summers, to form a solid core bristling with massive experience and enthusiasm, not only on the track but off in the pits and with the supporters as well.