KLS Bandits tackle Double-Diamonds this weekend


The Berwick "KLS" Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope of Wooler) and the Newcastle "BTS" Diamonds battle each other twice for SGB Championship points this weekend in a local derby-fest if speedway action.

Berwick host the Diamonds on Saturday at Shielfield Park at 7.00pm with the return at Brough Park on Sunday with tapes up set for 6.30pm, and it's going to be a needle affair on both nights.

Berwick team manager Scott Courtney is eager for revenge saying: "Newcastle beat us at our place in the Tyne Tees Trophy in April and went on to emphatically will the silverware overall, so we need to prove we are capable of taking them for all we can this weekend.

"We are bringing back our former heat leader, Theo Pijper back on Saturday after Redcar let him go, and he comes in at reserve which certainly gives us the edge in that department as if he can rekindle his form of his last time with us we're in for some good scoring.

"As for Sunday, well, David Howe and Kevin Doolan have ridden at Newcastle every week for the last three weeks and will have picked up a good understanding of the place, not to mention Aaron Summers was exceptional there a fortnight ago, so we aren't looking for second best in either match this weekend!"

George English of the Diamonds is equally determined saying: "Our two lads, Stuart Robson and Lewis Rose are still out of action and rider replacement and Nico Covatti will cover their absences, which certainly gives us a solid side, so while the Bandits might well be looking to do us over, we are just as keen to extend our good record over them in 2018 and not relinquish any points.

"We're not riding badly as a unit at the moment and this improved teamwork should see us through and even with Theo Pijper back at Berwick, Matty Wethers and Carl Wilkinson, our reserves are both ex-Bandits so will go well in both meetings I have no doubt, while Tero Aarnio and Ludvig Lindgren are also former Berwick riders."

Weekend line up:

BERWICK: Aaron Summers, Davie Howe, Kevin Doolan (captain), Jye Etheridge, Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen, Dany Gappmaier, Theo Pijper

NEWCASTLE: Tero Aarnio, Ludvig Lindgren (captain), Lewis Rose -Rider replacement, Nico Covatti (Guest), Ashley Morris, Carl Wilkinson, Matthew Wethers