Bandits on a home roll - bring on the Monarchs!


Berwick's team manager Gary Havelock was nothing short of delighted on Saturday night when his Bandits took their fourth home win off the belt with Newcastle the sincerely defeated opposition by 51-39, and he said: "I think this was the best and most complete performance from a Berwick side this season where there was almost no feeling we were going to take a loss. It was an awesome performance and well done to all the guys for showing that Berwick attitude in every heat and taking a brilliant win. That's four in a row here at Shielfield, and I can't wait to get to grips with Edinburgh next weekend, as five off the belt sounds good to me! We have the capability - and now we have the belief, so I can't wait for the next seven days to get over."

Berwick took on their local rivals with an air of confidence from the start that has been missing for much of the year last night, not that the determination hasn't been evident in abundance with every match producing superb action, but now the lads enter the arena with the fans thinking a win is most definitely possible before the match starts, and now the team are delivering, as Newcastle found out to their cost.

Berwick have long been though of as running with no real genuine number one riders leading the way, but few would dare suggest that to be the case now with Nick Morris racing solid races with every outing as his 16 point proved testament to on Saturday with his now characteristic hard inside dives off bend four regularly thrilling the crowd.

Jye Etheridge could well be in the running for the most improved rider in the Championship this season with his confidence rocketing skywards with multiple double figures to his name while Dany Gappmaier, while suffering a mid-season dip has again shown sheer brilliance, taking three wins in his 10 point haul. Kevin Doolan isn't known as the King for nothing with his importance behind the scenes as important as on the track where he can still hammer out top wins, but also team ride like the best of them to take paid wins ensuring the Bandits take maximums, doing it so well that the ease hides the real talent.

Then there's "The Phoenix" David Howe (copyright Ranting Roy) who has the enthusiasm of a teenager, the loyalty to his club second to none, and a desire to do his level best ever time he hits the track with a passion to match the best of them - and takes the most perfect lines round the first and second bends (copyright Steve Hayward).

The Bandits are a solid unit - bring on the Monarchs!