Your Berwick Bandits promotion can tonight confirm some very exciting news!

The 2018 season will be filmed in its entirety from all angles and a full length movie will be produced!

The movie will follow the Bandits throughout the season, providing an all access, behind the scenes insight into all of the trials and tribulations that the club and the riders themselves will endure in 2018!

Scott Courtney said last night: "I’m delighted to confirm that we have secured a deal to produce a feature length film about all things Berwick Speedway.

"Naturally the riders will be the stars of the show and if all goes to plan this could be a huge step in the right direction for our sport but I see no reason why we can’t capture people’s imaginations in the same way the Isle of Man TT movie “Closer to the edge” did.

"That movie was fantastic and heavily featured Guy Martin amongst many other TT superstars. The thrills and spills of a Speedway season from both sides of the fence will make for spectacular viewing and filming will begin on press and practice evening and continue right up until the end of the season.

The movie will be professionally produced and release dates will be established when it is complete.”