Bandits aim for six as injury rules out Jye


The Olympus Marquees Berwick Bandits (Powered by Mike Hope, Wooler) may well have have finished bottom of the SGB Championship (with one match left to run against the league leaders, the Sheffield Tigers who arrive at Shielfield Park on Saturday night at 7 o'clock), yet the club and it's new owners are still upbeat with their inaugural year in charge as Scott Courtney highlighted when he said: "We've ended in a league position at the opposite end to where we aimed to be, but it's still been a brilliant season to be involved with the Bandits. 

"The action on a top track has been of the highest standard all season with some stunning races and people saying it's been the best speedway at Berwick for years, and as a result the crowd figures have held a pretty good level all year, which is great as it proves our supporters are committed and loyal to the club like no others. They have been the best and made a season of poor results a season to be proud of.

"Having said all that we have been on a fine roll of late and won the last five home matches including last week against the strong Monarchs from Edinburgh, so we fully intend to go all guns-a-blazing against Sheffield tonight who will probably think they're coming for a win, well don't count your chickens yet!

"Nick Morris is away on Premiership Riders' Championship duty tonight at Belle Vue, but in Ryan Douglas there's not many better guests to have leading your challenge to the top team in the league, and Newcastle's Alfie Bowtell standing in a reserve. We're ready for a good old battle tonight!

"We have also received late news that sadly Jye Etheridge, one of the most sensational stories to come out of the Bandits this year, will miss the last match through injury after he damaged a collar bone riding for Belle Vue at Swindon on Thursday night, which is a massive disappointment, not only for us and he fans, but for Jye too who is gutted to have to sit Saturday out."

Sheffield use Newcastle's Steve Worrall in place of Josh Grajczonek who is also in the Belle Vue event and have rider replacement in for Todd Kurtz.

Saturday's line-up:

Berwick: Ryan Douglas (guest), Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen - Rider replacement, Dany Gappmaier, Kevin Doolan (captain), David Howe, Ashley Morris (guest), Alfie Bowtell (guest), Kieran Douglas (No.8)

Sheffield: Steve Worrall (guest), Todd Kurtz - Rider replacement, Lasse Bjerre, Josh Bates, Kyle Howarth (captain), Jan Graversen, Georgie Wood