Bandits v Edinburgh Saturday at7 after wet Friday


Edinburgh Monarchs: 8
Berwick Bandits: 10
SGB Championship
Abandoned after three heats due to rain Result does not stand.

Berwick's team manager Scott Courtney was ruing the weather saying: "We were on a roll here tonight and the guys had shown exactly what we'd expected of them, that real determination to get out there and ruffle a few feathers - then the weather rained on our parade and we'll all have to regroup and come back and do it again. As for Saturday night we're itching to get the Monarchs on Shielfield shale as we full intend on taking three very valuable league points.

The Berwick "KLS" Bandits (powered by Mike Hope of Wooler) had arrived at the Edinburgh Monarchs last night knowing that which ever side won last night's SGB Championship clash would leap frog up into fourth places, a crucial place to be as the top four go on to the League Title play-offs, and both sides were desperate for success.

Aaron Summers and Kevin Doolan made the gate for Berwick in Heat One, but as light rain began to fall Victor Palovaara whipped under Doolan off bend two with Ricky Wells doing likewise off bend four to share the heat, but with Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen and Theo Pijper lining up as possibly the most experienced reserve duo in the sport in Heat Two, their rapid gate over Max Clegg and Joel Andersson won Berwick a fine 1-5 putting the visitors into a 4-8 lead.

Richie Worrall made the Heat Three gate chased hard by David Howe with the new Monarch making an error on he opening bends allowing Howe to take the lead, but Worrall redressed the balance half a lap later to re-take the lead in the 4-2 taking the score to 8-10 as the rain got significantly heavier prompting the referee to take a walk to the pits to consult with the riders.

It didn't take an especially long inspection by the official who soon declared the match abandoned due to the heavy rain with the two sides now scrambling to fine an agreeable alternative date for the league restaging.