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The fans cried out for change and our promotion have delivered, so now it's time to get out and support our team!

While it is certainly safe to say that our results this season have been poor so far, there can be absolutely no argument made against the fact that our new promotion have gotten everything else absolutely spot on.

Great racing? Check!
Entertainment? Check!
Big Crowds? Check!
Facility improvements? Check!

Like Scott Courtney recently stated on social media, none of that happened because he sat on his rear end all winter and expected it to happen for him, his brother Jamie and Gary Havelock.

He also stated that he would have given a limb to see the Bandits get a win last weekend, a statement I genuinly believe to be true, such is his passion for Berwick Speedway. That same passion for this fantastic club runs deep within it's many of its great fans too.

We were promised Berwick Bandits version 2.0 and now we have it. Gone are Claus Vissing, Dimitri Berge and the unlucky Ryan Blacklock and and we welcome Nick Morris, Jye Etheridge and Lee Payne to the Black and Gold.

Claus Vissing's return to the Bandits should have been the best thing to happen for both rider and club. Having previously enjoyed arguably his best seasons of his British career with the Bandits, his return was met with open arms.

In my opinion, the hard charging Dane was actually one of the brighter spots in a well documented difficult start to the season, but perhaps him not being in attendance for Saturday night's meeting against Scunthorpe was the beginning of the end. However with that being said Claus is a rider I ave always enjoyed watching and I wish him well.

Dimitri Berge was another rider who the Bandits fans had every right to feel excited about seeing in the Black and Gold. An exciting young prospect with talent in abundance and yet his spell with the Bandits was disappointing at best.

While both rider and club should have been a perfect fit for one-another, inexplicably it simply hasn't worked out. Sometimes a riders body language says it all and simply put, at times he looked as if he would rather be anywhere else but here at Shielfield Park.

Of course this is just my opinion, but I can't help but feel that Dimitri would perhaps benefit from some time away to evaluate exactly what it is that he wants from his speedway career. When he first burst on the scene clubs were falling over each other to sign him, but having had problems at other clubs in the past, I can't see that still being the case.

Perhaps a change of scenery will produce a change in Dimitri's fortunes and he can build on the talent and ability he clearly has in droves. But as we all know too well, all the talent in the world is no good to anyone if you don't have the attitude to match.

One rider who's attitude could never be brought into question, was the luckless Ryan Blacklock. Ryan gave nothing less than his all for he Bandits every time he tok to the track, and only loses his team place due to injuries sustained in a catalogue of crashes.

Perhaps one day we will see Ryan back in Bandits colours and get a deserved injury free run in the side to prove what he can really do. I firmly believe that if not for injury, Ryan would have become a cult hero among the Bandits faithful. Get well soon Ryan.

Of the new boys coming in, Nick Morris needs little introduction. A rider of proven quality he should add to the top end firepower and be in amongst the top riders in the league. He is another rider I have been impressed with and I can't wait to see him as a full time Bandit!

Jye Etheridge could well prove to be a shrewd signing. Having not really had a chance to settle in at Edinburgh, the young Australian found himself at Redcar where his scoring became a little steadier.

While the big, banked Shielfield Park circuit will hold no fears for him, it is perhaps the fact that he has experienced many of the away tracks that makes him quite an attractive signing. His performance at last season's Stars of Tomorrow meeting certainly made a few people stand up and take notice. More of the same please Jye!

Former Redcar man Lee Payne competes the trio of changes. A wholehearted rider who gives 100% every time he takes to the track. As we all know, that's just the sort of rider we like here at Berwick, which means he should fit in rather well as a Bandit.

The best thing about these guys though? They all WANT to race and they are all hungry for points, and points is exactly what the Bandits need at this precise moment in time.

These changes could well be the catalyst to propel us up the table. Lewis Bridger looks to have gotten to the bottom of his mechanical gremlins, given a stunning performance in heats 13 and 15 last weekend. We all know Liam Carr will find the form we now he is capable of and with Kevin Doolan finding his usual rock solid form and Dany Gappmaier flying at reserve, things certainly look to be on the up.

Enthusiasm rejuvenation activated, let's go racing!

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Until next time...and there will be a next time.

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