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We cover the world’s sporting news here, folks!

A week or two back, checking up on my US baseball scores – another sport I follow and greatly enjoy – I noticed that a pre-season friendly between the Dodgers and Angels in Los Angeles had to be abandoned when a pool of raw sewage came bubbling up onto the field through one of the drains at Dodger Stadium.

Which would certainly add some flavour – if that’s the word – to speedway derbies over on this side of the pond. Those barbed complaints that “your track’s sh*te” we hear flung about might just have to be taken literally!

But enough about dodgy Dodger doo-doo, the question has to be; Just how good was Saturday night in terms of entertainment?

We had to wait for the snow, sleet and rainy weather to clear away, but it was a wait worthwhile. As old Willie Shakespeare put it, April put a fresh spirit of youth in everything – and wasn’t it so?

Even the assembled Tigs seemed happy enough to watch their expensively-assembled squad being trimmed back by our solid-as-teak KLS Banditos, and if that’s the standard of entertainment we’re in for in 2018 – bring it on!

Now yes, to my old and hyper-critical eyes there were a couple of wee wrinkles which might be fine-tuned, ironed out to make the show – and it is a show, remember we’re in the entertainment business – our Saturday evening experience, even better.

So, I did what any of us with a bit of constructive criticism should do – I had a quiet word with the lads.

Who will always listen. If they decide not to act – their perfect right – it will be through a belief in what is a modern, 21st century vision for their show. Already doing very well without my tuppenceworth.

But the point is, if you have a thought about how your – indeed everyone’s – Saturday night might be improved even further, don’t keep it to yourself.

Don’t mutter to your mates about it and don’t go spouting forth all kinds of Dodger-stuff on social media – have a quiet word, or use club@berwickbandits.co to send the promotion your suggestions.

It might be that what you’d like isn’t possible, or has been tried and failed here or elsewhere, but maybe – just maybe – your wee wheeze might be another building brick in the construction of something very special indeed here in this coming summer.

I mean, we’re all in this thing together – what’s wrong with helping pull the oars and sweep our little club along in an even better and grander way?

Got an idea? Drop a line – they will read it – and share it with the lads.

What’s the worst that could happen?


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