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The team and management were hugely, bitterly disappointed when last Thursday’s meeting at Ipswich was called off in light, but persistent rain.

Having gone all the way down there to face up to the best Ipswich had to offer – and being more than confident of yet another victory – you can’t blame them, can you?

What? You think I’ve finally flipped my lid and started writing stories that smell fishier than Eyemouth Harbour at low tide?

No, I’m talking about our bold Border Raiders, who had a Youth Challenge mini-match arranged for Thursday’s second half.

The boys were truly disappointed. I swear I saw wee Luke Harrison’s bottom lip quivering when we told him he wasn’t to be getting out to skid!

They were pretty confident of a win, too --- after all, while our Championship Bandits haven’t enjoyed the best of on-track fortunes so far (OK, they’re currently so far adrift at the bottom of the table you’d need a bathyscaphe to find them, although things will improve, mark my words) the NJL Border Raiders remain unbeaten, smack-dab on top of their own little league table!

Their next outing will be on NJL business, at Redcar on Thursday coming (4th) after the big teams have completed their own coming-together – and I hope that, if you’re going down, you’ll stay on to watch how our wee table-toppers perform.

All of which brings me to the situation at Duns, from where we are hoping a steady stream of Border Raiders and Bandits of the future will be emerging before too long.

Speaking to Flintie last weekend, he was able to tell me that he and Tamas Sike consider they’ve made massive progress at Langtonlees over the past six weeks.

The sub base is now installed, not just for the track itself but also the pits and parking areas, and the next step is to blend in finer stone on the track as the next layer. This next llevel will bind the sub-base together and present a smooth surface for the shale.

Gary believes that, weather permitting they will be in a position to start laying the actual shale before the end of May.

He also wanted to make public how it was only through the invaluable help of Grant Henderson (the tanker man) John Morrison, Keiran Morris, Alan Ferrow and Andrew Reed that they are at the stage they’ve reached.

He didn’t say so, but I’m sure if any other volunteers wanted to get involved in the many, many things still to be tackled at Duns, all you need to do is pop into the Shielfield pits on a Saturday night, and let Flintie know you’re up for it!

After all, it is the future of Berwick Speedway you’ll be helping build. I visited a very skinny, wrinkled fortune-telling lady recently – she had really bad breath, too – to ask if the track at Duns would be successful.

She said it would be. Definitely. A resounding success.

So there you are – straight from a super-calloused fragile mystic. hexed by halitosis!



Dick Barrie is a well-travelled commentator and speedway personality who first spoke out as Shielfield Park announcer in 1972. He was a promoter at Berwick in 1989/91. Away from the Bandits, Dick has reported on our sport from five continents for over fifty years. He has presented a weekly radio programme in the east of Scotland (Radio Forth and now Crystal FM 107.4) for the past forty years Want to disagree with Dick? He's always happy to hear from interesting people on dick@berwickbandits.co