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Well.... What a difference a year makes!

This time last year for some reason we couldn't have bought a win and we'd already stood on 1,000 black cats with what seemed like a weekly loss of a rider through injury.

Fast forward to 2018 and it's a whole different story.

One silly result we can disregard (I know I do) but this "bang average team" seems to have something working right so far.

Yes, we ain't all clicked at the right time. So far...

But when you're at least able to stop these stronger teams taking nothing away from your home track then that is job done!

Anyway, speaking of shocks galore; a very interesting week in the Championship unfolded!

Who could have foreseen the two outstanding wins Workington (grrrrr....) achieved over Glasgow and Peterborough away from home?

Certainly makes our away draw at Derwent Park stand out even more (I won't talk about the home result as people know I believe the referee cost us that win)

Our little "bonny bouncing Bandits” sticking it to Ipswich too, which saw us temporarily sit top of the League! (Two matches I know.. but what the hell? --I can be Miss Optimistic at times).

We now come up against a strong Sheffield side in our next home meeting, more than likely without NBJ following a frightening crash with him riding for Rye against Poole!

Indeed, as I write we’ve got confirmation he’s out, and we’ll deploy rider-replacement at #2

Can we continue our strong run and silence another of the bigger teams?

Get your backside trackside to find out folks.

Catch you all later, Banditos

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