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I can't remember who it was exactly but someone once said that "success breeds success".

That's certainly being proved with this current Bandits team!

We were predicted by many of the "experts" to be basement dwellers yet little over a week ago, this "bang average" team dusted away the much more fancied Witches of Ipswich and Saturday just gone seen us blow through the current league champions with ease!

Some say that Sheffield were poor...

I say how about giving our team the credit we deserve!

We witnessed David Howe rolling back the years with a faultless 15 point maximum and the "worst rider to ever ride for Edinburgh" (yes John Campbell; that's Bandits’ rider Jye Etheridge) secure his first ever paid max.

How nice when you have a reserve that can do that. We could easily have Dany there or even David as the season rolls on. The spirit within our boys and the way we line up this year reminds me of one of the best seasons I have ever had the pleasure to witness...

That was 2005!

I'm not saying we could hit those lofty heights again (although it would be fun thinking about it) but you just get the feeling there's more good times a-coming, finally, for Berwick!

The day following our home win over Sheffield saw us roll down the road to a track I don't think I've ever been fond of, Brough Park.

I'm sorry for saying that, but our track used to be ripped apart for the bumps it had in Peter Waite's era... I see no difference in Newcastle's track now! We rallied as such in the later half of that meeting but I reckon we'll be a different team when it comes to league points being at stake!

And anyways….. On to things that get my goat! Our away match at Ipswich, which was due to be last night (May 24th) was called off at the drop of a hat! Yes, they had a shower, but that was all it was, a heavy shower. Three hours before the meeting!!!!

Their difficulties with their team and injuries have been well documented….. We just happen to be on a bit of a roll...... Is it just me putting two and two together and making 5?

Never mind, I'll just trudge back off to my busy job and wallow in self pity at what could have been!

Up and onwards for the Banditos!

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