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A big hello to one and all...

Some of you know me, most may recognise my face!

It's my first time blogging and I thank Scott (with a kind suggestion from my old coffin-dodger pal Mr.Barrie) for asking me to come on board.

They both know I can be very opinionated so more fool them! 

I'm not going to get to in-depth and ranty for my first blog.. That will come as the season progresses! 

Anyways, we've had the pleasure so far of seeing a wonderful win over the big money spending Glasgow Tigers but that was sadly followed by what most will call a shock defeat by Newcastle! It happens and thankfully it was just a challenge...

Never nice losing to a local team but we move on.. Bums will have been kicked but at least problems have been noticed and acted upon! 

I had the pleasure of visiting my old stomping ground of Rye House for their meeting with Wolverhampton on the 25th. Nikolaj certainly hasn't forgotten the way round there (as shown with an excellent double points haul) and really made the Rye fans (and promotion) realise what they're missing with him not being there! 

I write this whilst getting ready to trek up the road to Armadale, a place that hasn't been kind to us in the past.
They're missing Erik Riss, who is in some daft meeting on the continent and our old pal TJ steps in to guest for them. I go thinking that I'm a glutton for punishment but I may be about to witness a shock......

Here's hoping! 

Catch you later, Banditos!