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Dateline Hanoi.
It’s hot … damn hot, ideal for a night at the speedway.
Unfortunately the Ho Chi Mihn Hedgehogs remain a figment of my imagination and so will not be taking on the Siem Reap Saints in the South-East Asia Ekstraliga in the foreseeable future.
Shame really as some of the local Tuk-tuk drivers have an appetite for drifting it round bends which would see them fit in quite nicely at Armadale or Brough Park and a way of picking through rush hour traffic which would make them hot favourites if Ipswich reintroduce the 16-lapper.
One even showed an ability to anticipate the traffic lights in downtown Hanoi which suggest that a heat involving him and James Sergeant would push the Shielfield curfew to its limit.
Keeping the dust down may also prove beyond the efforts of even a Vietnamese version of Billy the Bowser.
Perhaps Kev can organise a couple of handicap races for his Big Night Out. I would also suggest a competition between Kenny Tait and Norman Clark involving Anderson Scotch pies and chopsticks but I believe he already has a full programme organised.
I have to say that results-wise the local newspapers, TV and radio leave a little to be desired and I’ve not been able to find a copy of the Speedway Star in any of the local outlets – bit like being at home really.
I’m was hoping to take in a V-League football match involving reigning champions Hanoi FC and Becamex Binh Duong, although the 75,000 dong admission seemed a little extreme – although in fairness the current exchange rate is 28,000 dong to the pound.
I’m afraid that my pudgy fingers were not made for texting columns from foreign fields and the only thing predicative about the text on this damn thing is my reaction to it’s inappropriate hedgehog choix of Wurlitzer.
Apparently the webmaster’s attempts to draft in a guest blogger were scuppered by my low average, blogger replacement is not allowed as I haven’t done four home, four away blogs yet and nobody of a low enough IQ was available as a straight replacement.
After what seems like far too long away I’m back on duty on Saturday night when we get the chance to pay tribute to Berwick’s most successful Aussie.
He’s promising something special and like all good Kings, Kev usually delivers in Regal fashion.
Can’t wait to swap the Nuoc Sang for Belhaven Best.
Please join me … and note the early start.