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As the Bandits are currently embarking on what can be considered a “purple patch” of form, it seems just Berwick’s luck that the season is almost over!

It may have taken all season for us to string results together like we have during the month of August, but the point is, through hard work and determination the Bandits got there. Hopefully we can keep that run going for the remainder of the season and restore the pride and honour of the team.

While it is a little too early for my yearly “season in retrospect” column it is sadly something that I am going to have to think about fairly soon. It seems strange that a season which promised so much and fell apart almost from the get go, is the same season I will be sad to see come to an end.

While that may sound like harsh criticism, I don’t mean it to be, but you simply cannot account for all the bad luck we have had this year. In fact ad clichéd as it sounds, if it wasn’t for bad luck, the Bandits wouldn’t have had any luck at all.

Be that as it may though we have been treated to some of the best racing here at Shielfield Park in recent memory, whether it be the Nick Morris and Jye Etheridge team riding master class, or David Howe’s heat 15 heroics against Peterborough to snatch us the narrowest of wins.

That is only two examples but I could name many more from the 2017 season.

These are the types of moments that live long in the memories of the fans and in my opinion; they sit right up there with some of my favourite Bandits memories that are stored away in the vault of Mythman HQ.

Of course that is just my own opinion and your opinion may differ from mine somewhat, or you may think I am talking a load of rubbish altogether! Well, if that is the case you know where to find me!

In my almost 20 years following the Bandits we haven’t won a whole lot of silverware other than the odd challenge match trophy and a couple of Four Team Tournament successes, but where I feel that we are streets ahead of other clubs is the interaction between the riders and the fans.

While this is hardly breaking news it cannot be argued that we have been extremely lucky to have had some absolutely top guys in the team, and at times we have perhaps gotten the best out of riders who maybe weren’t expected to do as well as they did.

I think the reason for that is that most of the riders we have had here have wanted to ride for the club, and more importantly have enjoyed riding for the club.

We haven’t even finished the 2017 season yet and riders are already making noise about wanting to return to Berwick in 2018. David Howe and Jye Etheridge for example, both of whom have exceeded the expectations of many, myself included, have both expressed a desire to return next season. I can almost guarantee that they aren’t alone either.

Of course we don’t know what the rules and guidelines will state or if the numbers will allow this to happen but these are encouraging signs for the Bandits.

Just thinking about this makes me look forward to what next season will bring while still not wanting this season to end. Ah the double edged sword that is speedway, you’ve gotta love it!

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Until next time...and there will be a next time.

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