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If that was it, we’ve had it!

The 2017 season here at Berwick is officially over and what a season it has been. Obviously not the league position we wanted but I think the fact that we know the club is running next season is more important than anything else.

This is especially satisfying given that in the past the future of the club has been a lot less certain than it is now. That is not a criticism of anyone in any way, just merely stating that it is nice to be able to look forward instead of potentially only having memories to look back on.

Of course as we look ahead to the 2018 season we cannot ignore the fact that this close seasons AGM is among one of the most important that the sport of speedway in this country has ever faced. Hopefully common sense will prevail and the real issues (doubling up, doubling down, rider availability and guests etc) are tackled head on and not ignored.

There have been talks of fixed race nights for the Premiership teams but only time will tell whether that comes to fruition or not. The best the Championship league can hope for is to thrive like it has done in the past and offer the best value for money it possibly can and not suffer to prop up the Premiership like it has done to an extent this season.

But that’s a little further down the path and no amount of moaning or otherwise is going to change the outcome, whatever that may be.

Before all that though, there is the small matter of who is going to become league champions. While I am a fan of end of season playoffs, and it makes great television but in my opinion, if you finish top of the league then you deserve to be league champions.

Sheffield have been by far the best team in the Championship all season and fully deserve to be crowned champions, but they will have to get past Glasgow in the playoffs first. Glasgow were of course tipped by many to sweep everyone aside and while they have done well, their recent form hasn’t been as it should. Of course injuries to Tom Perry, Nike Lunna, Dan Bewley and Jack Smith have come at the worst possible time.

But even with a fully fit side I don’t believe that Glasgow are riding as a team and that is a major reason that they have lost meetings that they perhaps should have won. It is easy for me to sit and pick fault but I don’t see Glasgow troubling their Sheffield namesakes over two legs.

The other playoff is a little more difficult to call, as the Monarchs take on the Ipswich Witches. Edinburgh, as we know too well, have this uncanny knack of pulling off a surprise result when we least expect it and if they do that here then the Witches could be in trouble.

It really is so difficult to see which way this is going to go and much will depend on the performances of the second strings and reserves, given that both sides have arguably the strongest top two in the league, Edinburgh with Sam Masters and Ricky Wells and Ipswich with Danny King and Rory Schlein.

Whoever makes it through this tie will meet the winner of the Sheffield/ Glasgow encounter and will face just as tough a test again, however I am going to stick my neck on the line and say that Sheffield will prevail over everyone and deservedly claim the title.

Should that happen, that will make the Bandits “Unofficial League Champions” given that we put the Tigers to the slaughter at the weekend!

Seems fair enough right?! I certainly thought so!

Before we head into the quiet spell of what is known as "silly season" I must express my thanks to everyone involved with Berwick Speedway for allowing me to do this on a weekly basis. Huge thank you to George Dodds and Dick Barrie for keeping me on my toes, it really is a pleasure to write alongside these guys, and finally thank you to all who have read the nonsense that I put out there.

Fear not though, the Mythman will be back very soon!

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Until next time...and there will be a next time.

Right I’ll hae’tae gan