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It surely can’t happen, surely the recent weather which has caused all this fixture havoc can't win again?

If we do beat the weather, a double header against our pals from Glasgow is what awaits us and with them being hotly tipped by the “experts” to sweep up all before them it is probably the toughest fixture possible for us to open our season with, but we may as well start as we mean to go on, by upsetting the odds and spoiling the party.

Seems simple enough eh?

I don't know about any of you, but I simply cannot bear another night of Saturday night television, I wanna see some serious shale shifting warriors do battle over four laps. That is what all of us want to see.

I was interested in reading Dick Barrie’s recent blog entry about his beginnings in speedway and what got him hooked on the sport all those years ago. It got me thinking about how I got started watching speedway and where I am now with the sport.

My first speedway experiences were actually at Berrington Lough around 1994 when I would be around seven years old, but in truth I don't remember such a terrible lot about it. fast forward to 1999 and my first Shielfield experiences and a near twenty year love affair wth the sport began.

Purely by chance my Aunty and Uncle were going to be passing my door on their way to the speedway and had asked if I fancied going and in typical preadolescent style I presumably mumbled something that resembled an answer of sorts.

I don't remember who the Bandits were racing that night, nor do I remember the score, but what I do remember is that from the very first time those tapes flew up and four riders went flying into that first bend millimetres from each other at breakneck speed, that this was the sport I wanted to follow.

This was a real sport. The excitement, the smell, the noise, everything was just made for me, it was perfection.

Now fast forward to now and thanks to speedway I have made many friends up and down the country and it has taken me to places that I would never have been, including Poland, Denmark, Germany and the Czech Republic. What's not to love about that?

I should add that some of these friends I knew for the best part of ten years before I actually knew their names, but they've forgiven me for that!

I used to come to meetings and buy my programme and would read the columns of Dick Barrie, Mike Moseley and others and somehow I have ended up writing in that very same programme, which considering my English teacher said I’d never amount to nothing is kinda cool! With that being said I’m not immune to the odd monumental error when filling my programme in, so I guess somethings never change!

When I used to come to the speedway with my Aunty and Uncle as a youngster, I never really thought much about where I would be nearly two decades later, turns out I'm still in the same place, often with my nephew who now comes along with me, and is now almost the same age as I was when I first attended.

See all that stuff that folks say about speedway being a family sport, that's 100% true and I've never forgotten those early years which paved the way for my level of interest to be where it has been for all these years. I'm that interested I feel the need to write about it and believe it or not some people want me to!

The mind boggles sometimes!

This blog entry is dedicated to the memory of Wullie Black, the inspiration for all things Mythman. Gone but never forgotten.

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