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Having our riders earning extra corn by moonlighting as guests, as doublers-up and indeed riding in other countries is a good thing – they stay race-fit and pay their household bills.

The downside of the deal comes when they have a crash or a big engine explosion elsewhere and have to miss a match or two as KLS Bandits – their ‘day job’ so to speak – because of such a mishap.

Which is the case this week, with NBJ going MIA after a knock on the nut at Rye House.

Being one short for Saturday’s visit from the Championship Champions, the lads have the option of bringing in a guest with an average up to 6.5 -- which sounds easier than it might be.

Firstly, over half the league is already racing on Saturday, and when we look at the remaining five teams there aren’t a lot of available guests close to Nicolaj’s average to choose from – and of those who are, some are already booked elsewhere, scattered all over Europe!

Thus, we will be keeping it in the family and allowing the remaining Banditos to fill in – an exercise in teamsmanship which did us no harm at all in the latter months of last season when we had to track a six-man set due to, er, NBJ being out injured!

My point being that team spirit can be worth a couple of extra points is such circumstances, with the half-dozen riders each backing one another as a match progresses.

Yes, we’d prefer to have NBJ with us, fit and well (his concussion break of nine days will be over next week, in time for our visit to Ipswich) but if we can’t have our Great Dane then Mister Rider Replacement will do just fine.

Looking ahead, although we have the away fixture in Suffolk on Thursday 24th, remember there’s no racing planned at Shielfield on Saturday 26th.

However, rather than spend a weekend without any speedway, can I mention that the wonderful Aladdin’s Cave that is former Bandit Ian Paterson’s collection of old speedway bikes and other speedway memorabilia is opening for just one day (it’s like Brigadoon) on Sunday 27th, from 10am until 4pm?

Just the one day. I really cannot emphasise enough how marvellous it is for any speedway aficionado to be able to say they’ve been up to Loanhead (just off the A720 Edinburgh city by-pass) and visited Ian’s museum.

Your sat-nav will whisk you there in no time if you insert EH20 9DY.

Trust me, it’s a great day out. Plus, Ikea have a huge warehouse pretty close by – I could recommend that family members with less speedway interests can be dumped there, while you visit the Paterson Palace and marvel at the wonders therein…….

Tell auld Ian that Dick sent you………..


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