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Welcome once again to another edition of "The Dirt."

First off let me congratulate the Bandits on a fine win over the Newcastle Diamonds. While I may not have been in attendance for the meeting, I was kept updated on our progress and I have to say that I was extremely proud of the team.

I'm not going to lie, at times it hasn't been easy following the Bandits this season, but the spirit among the guys has never dwindled and now the results are starting to come and we are currently undefeated at home in June. Bandits on the up!

As I wrote this, I was on my way back from a fantastic weekend in the wonderful city of Prague for the Czech Grand Prix.

For those of you who have never been to Prague, I can thoroughly recommend it, it truly is a stunning city with lots of things to see and do to cater for all tastes. Plus, the beer is helluva tasty and helluva cheap, which very much caters to my tastes!

Prior to the meeting itself we were lucky enough to mingle in the pit area and have pictures taken with the likes of Antonio Lindback, Chris Holder and series leader Patryk Dudek as they set up ahead of the meeting. Tai Woffinden and Jason Doyle were also very obliging when it came to chatting with the fans and posing for photos.

There was also a healthy contingent of Berwick fans in attendance and plenty of interest with former Bandits stars Matej Kus and Pepe Franc being the track reserves for the meeting. Also in attendance was Hall Of Fame legend Adrian Rymel, who was his usual jovial self.

Having been to a few foreign Grand Prix meetings over the last ten years or so, Prague was always a place I wanted to go, yet had always ended up going elsewhere due to the racing generally being a bit processional at the Marketa Stadium.

However that particular argument was null and void as the 2017 event proved to be an absolute classic, with some fantastic, high speed action as the worlds best went bar to bar for 23 enthralling heats of action. My statement of "I can't see the racing being all that good tonight" was looking rather ridiculous after about heat five!

Jason Doyle would go on to win the meeting, following an absolutely jet propelled start in the final, seeing off the challenge of a rejuvenated Greg Hancock and wildcard Vaclav Milik, who rode hard all night and put a spanner in the works for a few of the GP regulars.

Doyle topping the rostrum looked highly unlikely after the second round of heats, with only one point from his opening two rides he turned things around dramatically, with some of his moves having to be seen to be believed. Riding like a man possessed, he turned a potentially miserable night into a great night, and that kind of form is what wins world titles.

Few could argue that Doyle would have been defending the championship this season had it not been for that awful crash in Torun last October which left him with injuries to his elbow, shoulder and lungs. But once again the man has bounced back to rediscover his form and grind out results despite maybe not riding at his best.

He is also the only man to have reached all four finals this season, and his win in Prague means that of the last 12 GP's he has ridden in, he has won five of them. In this day and age where we often see multiple different winners at different rounds and with the level of quality in the GP lineup, that is a staggering statistic.

Having bounced back from injury on multiple occasions, including serious shoulder injuries which hampered his earlier career, breaking his neck twice during the course of his career and of course the aforementioned injuries sustained in Torun last year, there are few riders more deserving of a world title than Doyle.

Despite his consistency and making all four finals this season, he certainly hasn't had and won't have things all his own way. Patryk Dudek leads the standings by a single point despite having not won a GP round as of yet, but there is no doubt in my mind that once he wins one, he may well start to add that same level of consistency to his game too.

While the likes of Tai Woffinden, Emil Sayfutdinov and Freddie Lindgren may have endured less than stellar nights in Prague, they are all still very much in the hunt and all more than capable of mounting a serious challenge. It only takes one good round to be back in contention, just ask Greg Hancock.

The evergreen American may not have won the meeting at the Marketa Stadium, but a bumper 18 point haul well and truly propelled him back into the title picture. Once again, just when you think that he is a spent force, he produces a massive performance to prove us all wrong.

The man is an absolute freak of nature and you simply cannot write him off as time and time again he has shown exactly why he is the World Champion. As we are all well aware, this speedway malarkey is a dangerous and demanding sport, so for Greg Hancock to be in contention for the world title, at 47 years of age and some 20 years after he won his first world title is truly mind blowing.

While many view it as a young man's game, and the likes of Doyle and Dudek currently lead the way, Greg Hancock just proves that to be the man, you got to beat the man!

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Until next time...and there will be a next time.

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