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If it wasn't for bad luck, the Bandits wouldn't have any luck at all.

What more is there to be said about our season from hell?

Trying to see the positives in it all isn't easy at times. But you know what? I really genuinely believe that our promotion have done literally everything in their power to make sure it comes good and that our club is in safe hands.

The thing about speedway, or any sport for that matter, is that there are good times and that there are bad times, and those bad times make the good times seem all the better.

So with that in mind, we must be due a hell of a season in 2018!

In all seriousness though, our run of bad luck, injuries and the like surely can't last forever...can it?

Now I understand the frustration of the fans just as much as anyone else and there is nothing I want to see more than a Bandits side lifting a league title.

In recent seasons, it would be fair to say that we have always put together sides that looked like being competitive and perhaps haven't lived up to the hype or expectation.

That isn't a criticism though, it is merely a statement of how far the club has come in the last 10 plus years. At one time we almost expected to be the whipping boys of the league, but now the fans expect a successful side, as well they should.

In my time as a Bandits fan, I have seen us not have a single name announced for the team in February while every other side was complete. I've even seen us head into our first challenge matches of the season with only six riders as we didn't have a full team!

Sounds ridiculous but at the time it wasn't really a surprise to be honest. That isn't to say that these weren't good times though, it's always a good time wherever the Bandits are concerned!

The point I am making is that at one time as a club Berwick wasn't a club that riders wanted to come to ride for, the same cannot be said for nowadays.

In the last ten years we have had names like Edward Kennett, Charlie Gjedde, Ricky Ashworth and Sebastian Alden riding for the Bandits. Now before the lynch mob start I fully realise that perhaps some of these signings didn't produce the goods as they should have, but you can't argue that they are, or were big name signings.

Add to that the fact that we have seen Nick Morris and Lewis Bridger don the Black and Gold this season, that only further backs up my point.

That is a testament to those we have in charge and to those who have been in charge before them.

The point is that under previous promotions, riders of this calibre simply wouldn't even consider riding for a club like Berwick.

As fans we have come to expect to see riders of this calibre riding for the club and as a consequence we expect to see the results take an upturn too.

That certainly isn't an unrealistic expectation by any means and you can bet your bottom dollar that our promotion want it perhaps more than the fans do.

During all the bad times that our club has endured this season there have been two constants throughout, our promotion throwing everything into trying to make this club a success and you the fans supporting the team through thick and thin.

And to be brutally honest with you, results and success wise, both deserve far better.

While I realise that it can be difficult to keep the faith when results and luck simply aren't going your teams way, the harsh reality of speedway is that in order to have a team to support when the good times do eventually roll around, you have to support your team through the bad times too.

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Until next time...and there will be a next time.

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