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While we may be a couple of months into the speedway season, we are still seeking that elusive first win, but it would seem that improvement is on the horizon.

On the team front we have a solid looking side which should hopefully start to pick up a few points. For a change though, I want to talk about something else, an idea if you will.

As is often the case on a night time once the mundane working day is over I was discussing all things speedway with a good friend of mine and we came onto the subject of missing meetings. I don't mean riders missing meetings, I mean us, the fans.

I know that lots of you take pride in the fact that you have your season tickets and get to as many meetings as you can, and the same applies to myself. But in this day and age it is almost an impossibility to get to every meeting, such is the the busy social life of us all these days.

Plus with Speedway being a summer sport, you have holidays and such like to contend with. Of course some of you may take that opportunity to take in a foreign Grand Prix or something, meaning you still get a speedway fix despite maybe missing the action at Shielfield.

However, it is when I have to miss said action at Shielfield against my will that I want to talk about. We've all been there, when those dreaded wedding invitations make their way through your letterbox ad you just know its another inconsiderate couple getting married during the season!

But my friend and I have this covered and have come up with a solution. These couples could get married on the centre green before the meeting and it would allow us to still see the speedway. Problem solved!

Picture the scene...Bob and Davina could hand out the order of service beforehand, Dennis McCleary putting the two minutes on, bride comes to the tapes, nuptials done and if she says no the red lights come on. If not, Minister walks away, tapes up and they all live happily ever after.

The bridesmaids can go off 15 metres too for authenticity if you like, we have all the bases covered. If you've any other suggestions for speedway themed weddings, I would love to hear them! Even though I am fully aware that they are all entirely tongue in cheek!

While I realise that this particular blog entry has little to do with speedway, I did feel compelled to share the nonsensical discussion that we had as it certainly raised a smile. After all, some of us take life too seriously.

That smile will be all the bigger should the Bandits claim a long awaited victory on Saturday night, though. I might even crack open the champagne for that. See you all there on Saturday, unless of course you are invited to a wedding!

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Until next time...and there will be a next time.

Right I'll hae'tae gan