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Hello once again Banditos!

I swore to myself I'd try and be a happy-go-lucky so-and-so but in these last few days I've witnessed some utter bow-locks decisions from the so called referees of our sport.

I had the pleasure (or was it?) of travelling to Armadale to watch us try and de-throne those Monarchs.

We were in the meeting till heat 12, but one sore point that sticks in my head was the decision to exclude Jye in heat 2 when -- not just IMO – he was cleaned up in a racing incident by Josh Pickering.

Yep, you can guess why we Bandits were miffed -- Jye was excluded! Now, I'm not saying there was malice, but really, what was Jye to do otherwise? The race goes over 4 laps and sometimes riders need to stop being so headstrong so early into a race.

Then on Saturday we have the joy of witnessing referee Christina Turnbull baffle us with a couple of decisions that almost contributed to a home defeat!

Her decision to exclude NBJ after he was hit by the opposing rider was a strange one but then she topped it with her decision to exclude Jye after he was yet again brought down by an opposing rider!

That lead me to think --- what sort of training does it take to become a referee?

Clearly these people are fans of the sport so must have a favoured team, a-la the Grand Monarch (Jim McGregor, I mean folks). How do the refs divvy up what meetings they do?

And honestly, what does their training actually involve?

Anyone can drop me the craic on that and enlighten me....

I’ll be waiting, on: berwicks_b1tch@hotmail.co.uk

Maybe then I won't have such a current negative view!

See ya trackside, Banditos!