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Time certainly flies....

It wasn't that long ago -- it was in April -- Scott asked me to come on board as a blogger.

I blinked -- now it's June, and I’m writing this in bed after midnight wondering where on earth the time is going!

It's now less than 3 months until I marry my long term partner (and, for his sins a Rye House fan) Chris…..

Between now and then I've got so much to pack in --- being a full time working/commuting/speedway supporting/socialising Mummy is hard work.

There's Cardiff..... The 4TT….. Numerous Bandits meetings, home and away.... Make up trials.... Days away with my son….. Plus my hen night (for which I will apologise for now in advance -- we’ll be in hospitality next month at the match with Workington)..

Strewth! I'm gonna have to start praying for a very dry summer to avoid a fixture clash with my big Saturday in September!

This season though, has so far been a blast. It's been a while since I could say you can feel the team spirit emanating through to all supporters.

Since you could feel a real special feeling in the air…..

Since you could go to tracks thinking that we’re going to make a meeting of it --- but this year, I believe we can!

Heck, we came away with a point from Brough Park last night, every single team member contributed and not one person should feel they let the fans down.

Bandits, you done us all proud!

At home we've proved we can hang with the best and come out on top! Yeah, we were predicted to finish nigh-on bottom -- well, we’re joint top this morning, so to all you so-called experts, you can stick your opinions where the sun don't shine!

Now I'm gonna toodle off, try to enjoy just-over-four-hours of kip before I'm up for work and looking forward to travelling to Redcar on Thursday, for even KLS Bandits away action!

Catch you all later, Banditos

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