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While it may have been a tough old start to the season for the Bandits, there has rarely been a dull moment. So another week, and another new face, so welcome to Berwick, David Howe.

Whilst we should all be excited about this new signing, it does unfortunately mean that we say farewell for now to local lad Liam Carr.

I personally singled out Liam Carr as our potential key man in 2017 and for whatever reason the lad just hasn't had the rub of the green this season. Every time he made a start, it seemed like it was pulled back. Simply put, if it wasn't for bad luck, Liam would have had no luck at all.

Now don't you think for a second that I am criticising the lad, far from it. Liam gave it his all for the Bandits and he will be back in the future, after all, no Berwick team would be complete without it's local hero in it. I still stand by that statement as I did at the start of the season.

However his upcoming spell with Birmingham in the National League will allow him to win races on a regular basis and rebuild his confidence, and as we all know, this speedway malarky is a confidence game. Sometimes in life you have to take one step back, to take two steps forward.

Best of luck Liam! I know and all the Bandits fans know what you are capable of, now show those Brummies fans the same!

So with Liam making way for David Howe, it would seem that the good old Speedway Forum has went into complete meltdown as a result. It would seem that some fans are none too happy about it, questioning the legality of our redeclared side.

Whilst I won't bore you with too much of the details, it would seem that the average of Dany Gappmaier is what certain fans are upset about. Some even suggesting foul play on our part in order to make these changes. Come on, get a grip!

It's like suggesting that we are bottom of the league for a laugh, simply ridiculous. We are bottom of the league because we haven't been winning meetings, and we are changing our side in order to hopefully do that. Seems simple enough to me.

Don't get me wrong, I often look at certain teams and wonder how they were able to fit certain riders into their lineup, but you know what? If it's within the rules and the BSPA say it's all good, then that's alright with me. Even if a dodgy burger at the airport causes a rider to miss a meeting to keep an average down a little lower!

Now I have always said that Speedway is a simple sort made complicated by it's rules. Your average person doesn't really care about averages and all that nonsense. They just want to see a good race and ultimately, be entertained.

While we have had our fair share of entertainment so far his season, wouldn't it be nice to say we've been entertained, gotten the win and lifted ourselves off the foot of the table? Yeah, I'll raise a glass to that, now can't we all just get along?

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Until next time...and there will be a next time.

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