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It’s tough going being a Bandits fan just now isn’t it?

We are currently enduring what can only be described as an indifferent start to the season, still seeking that final piece of the puzzle to put our first points on the board.

Now I’m an optimistic kind of guy, let’s face it, I have to be. But believe it or not, the positives are there, through the darkness there is light shining through, and that my pedigree chums, is hope!

Now I know you may all be wondering what I have been smoking but hear me out....

Lewis Bridger looks to have finally turned the corner and is now beginning to string together scores that his huge efforts so far this season have deserved.

In the past Berwick as a club have possibly been guilty of giving underperforming riders too much of a chance, but with Lewis you could tell the effort, commitment and the hunger was there in abundance. Flashes of brilliance are now beginning to turn into solid performances and boy is it entertaining to watch!

Nick Morris is a well known, capable performer here at Shielfield Park and he was perhaps caught out by the conditions at the weekend. Again there was no lack of effort from the Aussie and I have every confidence the race wins will start to flow for him, he is simply too good for that not to happen.

With Captain Kev rolling back the years and capturing the rock solid form we have become accustomed to and Dany Gappmaier riding on the crest of a wave at the moment we do have reason to be cheerful.

Once our new guys get dialled in and settled, someone is taking a beating, and I don’t mean us! One of these nights it will all click into place, you heard it here first!

There may be many reading this who will either admire my optimism or think I have completely lost it. Either way the point is that it isn’t too late for the Bandits to save their season and salvage some pride.

The sport of speedway and in particular the Bandits has saved me from going completely crazy in the past, that's safe to say. Whilst that may sound a bit silly or melodramatic, it is in fact completely true.

We’ve all been there, you’re at work, having a pretty rubbish time of it and it gets to later in the week and you start thinking:-

“It’s alright, it’s almost Saturday and almost Speedway time.”

For that two or three hours you can have a laugh with your mates, watch some thrilling action out on track and you forget about all the other nonsense in the world, or reality as it's commonly known.

So when the Bandits defy the odds and finally claim that elusive win it is going to be even sweeter than it was before, so all the more reason to turn up and support your team I would say!

Bandits are on the up, you mark my words!

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Until next time...and there will be a next time

Right I’ll hae’tae gan