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Did we entertain you last week?

 If you were not here you missed an atmosphere that you had to cut with a knife. If you missed out on a programme last week make sure you get to the track shop and grab one (at discounted rate of course) because the content tells a story and adds to the drama of the night.

Personally this first blog will be more attractive as a story but if you have read last week’s and there’s bonus points for anyone who noticed the nod to the word zero in the first paragraph.
Of course we entertained last Saturday. With a team this committed I’d travel the length of the country to watch them play tiddlywinks! I am the captain of our group of lads and I’m used to leading from the front and boosting them as we go into battle. What I didn’t expect to realise last week after my poor showing against Newcastle was that they totally boosted me to be ready for tough matches against Edinburgh and Lakeside. 

Jye stood there on Friday night at Edinburgh with a broken bone in his hand ready to go to battle and you can only be inspired by his resilience and determination, another fall, another setback but not once does he let his head drop, he shows up Saturday and gives us 100%, earning valuable match-winning points.

The resilience it takes to bounce back like that is superhuman and puts my own personal issue (one bad scorecard) into perspective. The whole team is feeding off each other right now, whether it be admiring Dany’s growing creativity on the bike while practicing at Duns or seeing Dave’s determination pay off as he got his starting dialled in for his last ride on Saturday so we are growing together and getting stronger.

Personally, getting the extra track time prior to Edinburgh paid off big time. I felt an increase in my concentration levels and the ability to focus and to only react to the immediate situation.

In my third ride at Edinburgh it felt like I had returned and I was ready to attack again.

It’s strange as the track is so different to Berwick but it possibly makes sense as its technical nature was sure to awaken the missing piece in me.

With each week you can feel the confidence in the team growing and with that confidence will come that heightened sense of focus and concentration.

I for one can’t wait to see the full potential of the Bandits in the weeks to come...