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Been a busy few days…..

Since I last ventured into the wonderful world of weblogs I’ve watched our KLS Bandits racing at Armadale and beating Lakeside around Shielfield, taken a trip down to Belle Vue to check out Jye riding in the other league -- and finally seen a Robert Lambert masterclass in the U-21 Championship!

Busy-busy, and different things going on, giving me points to ponder.

At Edinburgh, we probably lost any chance of a match point in Heat 2, when their Joshie Pickering scooped up Jye on the back straight, virtually rendering our gallant ‘Reggie’ a spectator for the night.

Now these things happen, and I’m sure the Monarchs’ Aussie didn’t mean to wipe his countryman out as he lunged across him – but for the referee to then exclude our man rather than the home rider was just ludicrous.

A terrible, terrible decision. If you were there, you’ll agree with me. Or you may be blind.

Lakeside came north the next night, with Nick Morris a welcome returnee plus Bomber Harris and Ulrich Oestergaard in as guests. A toughie? Not with our superb skipper restored to glory and his troops marching into battle like Sitting Bull’s team at Little Big Horn.

Adding to that win was the second victory of the evening, with our Academy kids seeing off the Gems after a stonking wee mini-match.

After a day off (Crystal FM claimed my on-air presence) on Monday I headed south to Manchester.

I’d only been at one previous meeting at the National Speedway Season – a soaking-wet World U-21 round which lasted but nine races – so it was more or less a first for me, watching the local Aces take on and finally scramble a 47-43 win over my mates from Somerset.

Good stuff? You betcha – the track is big, wide and handsome, the stadium infrastructure is excellent, they had a good crowd in (maybe Jason Doyle being there helped) and I met more than a few old friends from the days when I used to ponce about on the infield at Hyde Road.

Jye contributed to the home win by packing in behind the impressive Dan Bewley in Heat 2 – a 5-1 which gave Belle Vue the four-point advantage they finished with – and everyone went home happy.

Including me, although in my case it meant a 200-miler over the Pennines to join the M1 at Leeds and straight on up to Tweedmouth. And a nice lie-in on Tuesday morning, prior to my fourth meeting in five days – and a nice feather in Berwick’s woolly hats as we staged the British U-21 Championship.

Which most of you local folk will have seen. Sadly, a promise from the BSPA offices of the event being streamed live around the world came to nothing……

Which is a shame, as folk from all sorts of strange places on our planet might have been able to see how well we go about our business at Shielfield Park.

Next time the BSPA promise us anything, we’ll pop down to Asda for a packet of Saxa’s best, and help ourselves to a very large pinch…..


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