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It's about that time again where I ramble about all things speedway, so let's get a-rambling!

In a week which saw the Bandits pick up another three league points against the reigning and defending league champions Sheffield, a few thoughts have popped into my head, the Bandits are exceeding expectations and Dick Barrie was right….no, really, he was right!

In his recent programme notes he made reference to the fact that the Bandits were fobbed off as being “average” by many of the apparent experts in the pre season predictions. He the also made reference to the fact that Bandits riders have probably been picking up more guest bookings for other clubs than anyone else…not too shabby for an average side!

Our skipper Kevin Doolan has probably been the busiest rider on the circuit, picking up guest bookings here, there and everywhere whilst Aaron Summer and Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen are both regulars in the Rye House side. Another one of our “doubling up” men is our flying reserve Jye Etheridge, who has been impressing down at Belle Vue with a number of impressive displays.

His most impressive display however was at the weekend when he reeled off his first ever paid maximum in British Speedway with an immaculate display against Sheffield including a win in heat 15. I wouldn't say that was too shabby for a lad who was apparently one of the worst riders ever to grace these shores, would you?

He wasn't the only one getting in on the old being unbeaten carry on, David Howe rolled back the years to record a faultless five ride maximum against the Tigers as well. I think every single person in the stadium that night knew just what it meant to him. After struggling with set ups since the start of the season, David hasn't been the rider we all saw at the tail end of last season, but boy did he bounce back in style or what⁈

I think everyone knew he was too good a rider not to figure it out and come good, but I don't think anyone could have envisaged him doing it in such emphatic style. I for one was extremely proud of David and even prouder to call him a Bandit. Again I wouldn't say he done too bad for a guy who was two years retired this time last season, and seen as a spent force when he joined the club.

Bandits riders scoring maximums, Bandits riders in demand, and Bandits at the right end of the league table….not too bad for an average side…

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