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This blog is about – our blogs!

When the club website was revamped at the start of last year – and who knows, it might not be too long before we get the decorators in again -- the concept of having weekly(ish) blogs running on the new site was revolutionary.

George, James and I were approached and asked if we could contribute to the process.

We were already writing columns in the programme, so it wasn’t too big a step to post additional thoughts on the site each week or so, and we quickly fell into the process.

What then opened my eyes wasn’t just that I started to get comments about my blog-thoughts from folk at the track, it was that I started receiving e-mails (address hereunder) from further afield……

I’ve had messages from people – speedway fans, obviously – as far away as New Zealand and Argentina, who are clearly looking at the Berwick website online, and picking up on stuff we’ve been blogging about.

Which is just great. It means our little club is gaining more and more followers worldwide, and if George, James and I have contributed to this in any small way – colour us proud!

But we don’t ever want to stand still here, and it was discussed at the start of the current season how an expansion of the blogs could only increase interest in the website – always the main intention -- as well as enhance the way people might appreciate the club itself.

To vary the messages, we had a think about what we already had, and how we could vary what was being blogged, shake up the mix.

We wanted a female – gender equality rules! – who might not be in any way associated with the promotion, but would write her own thoughts and dreams each time, even if these might bring home truths to the management.

Sarah was such an obvious choice – witty, literate, knowledgeable and deeply passionate about the Bandits – it was a no-brainer to offer her the slot, and already she’s more than fulfilling our expectations.

Likewise, the concept of having a rider contribute his thoughts – and Kevin does it all himself, these are his own words you see, no ghost-writing for our skipper – was just a case of getting the right man for the job.

So three became five, and with no other club in speedway – as far as I know – creating even one weekly blog for their website, once again the leaders in the march into the future are your own bonny bouncers.

Yes, we’re quietly proud of ourselves sometimes – and why not?

Onward and upward!


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