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Well, who went to Redcar?

Those of us who did enjoyed a spirited – if bloody cold – night out and must have been encouraged by the Olympus Marquees Bandits, who surely sent a few of the local Bears heading hurriedly for the woods as we crept back into contention towards the end of the evening………….

Nick Morris was really putting it about after being dumped on the first-bend shale twice (why no action, Mister Wilson?) with three tremendous battles with Ben Barker in Heats 11, 13 and 15. His clipping of Mr B’s ear after 11 was a classic move. Great stuff!

Great stuff from the skipper, too – three big wins (Bandits had the majority of wins, by the way, not bad for no-hopers) – and I know Kevin will want me to remind you to mark June 17th on your kitchen calendar, just in case his big date has slipped your mind……..

Pre-match, I was asked by two different groups of our fans what I was hoping for, and I said “42 points” – which was looked on by my friends (you know who you are) as being wildly optimistic.

Well we got 43 and a league point, which is a pretty good result compared to the scores achieved at the Media Prima Arena by Ipswich (35) and Newcastle (34) in the previous two league matches there.

“There” being the aforementioned Media Prima Arena – the Bears following the current trend of allowing a sponsor naming rights for a circuit. Which bring up the thought of our beloved Shielfield Park getting a new name……

Who could we call on to cough up for the honour?

A multi-national outfit – maybe the Budweiser Border Base?

Or a local backer – the Taffydrome?

Suggestions, to the e-mail address below – all the good ones will be reported back, be assured…..

Moving on, can I again draw your attention to the newly-published 2017 British Speedway Yearbook?

I mentioned this delightful, insightful publication containing more than 150,000 wise words in a recent programme column but have no hesitation in putting it forward again for your edification and delight.

Those of us who follow our sport closely will be aware of this annual slap-up statistical meal on which we can gorge each spring – and refer to for the rest of the year!

With some 400-odd pages packed with over 200 colour photographs and perceptive reviews of all the clubs, I cannot emphasise strongly enough how much I’m enjoying dipping in and out this year’s masterpiece, again created for us by the wonderful wordsmith that is Peter Oakes.

Want a copy? Easy – check out www.frontpagebooks.co.uk and they’ll sort out one in exchange for £23, plus p&p. A cracking digest.

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