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And that was that. Another season. Whoosh!

This past term of trading certainly ended well.

Mind, we were a bit dodgy at the start and definitely out-of-sorts in the middle!

But while results on the track weren’t too great until – ironically – we were bound by an idiotic regulation which prevented our replacing NBJ and had to settle down as a six-man squad which then ran undefeated for half-a-dozen matches, there hasn’t been much else to moan about, has there?

Attendances actually went up – markedly – from mid-August onward, and there were more than a few well-satisfied smiles by last Saturday, as we comfortably disposed of the league leaders.

Thinks: If we could somehow, magically now found ourselves parachuted into the play-offs, who’s to say that our final squad couldn’t now win the whole damn show?

I realise some readers may not agree. But this is my blog and I really think I’m right.

But sadly, there will be no magical reprieve and the record, years from now will show we were – not for the first time, and probably not the last – bottom of the pile.

However, we finished there after completing the season with no Shielfield rain-offs (you know why) plus healthy attendances, great racing and a superb team of triers who could take on the best of the rest – so what’s not to like about our situation?

And so to winter. Long, cold winter.

As years go by, I find it likely that I’ll soon enough be shipped off to sit grumbling among all the other old farts at the Dunskidding Retirement Home, situated down the A1 a bit at Hadder-Against-the-Wall, Northumberland.

However in the meantime I can still find energy enough to rail against the passage of time, and spend my OAP Winter Warmth Allowance on staying warm, as they expect me to do.

As in recent winters, I’ll be spending the Government’s dough by going to Australia – which will hopefully be warm enough, even for my old bones. Thanks, Theresa!

Needless to say, I’ll be writing my usual collection of attributions, appraisals, anecdotes, allusions -- and many other words beginning with ‘a’ -- while I’m Down Under, to be read not only in ‘Speedway Star’ magazine but here in The Dirt every few weeks, so if you want the inside track from Oz on who’s hot and who’s not over the colder months – watch this space!

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