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There we have it folks!

Following on from our Fans Forum on Sunday past, we now know the septet who will come to the tapes to represent us in 2019!

Spud returns at No 1, despite all the rumours he was heading back north of the border, we’ve acquired Leon Flint (who we know might struggle with the jump initially but who we also know has the potential to be one of the stars of the season) we’ve kept Dany, Jye and Cap’n Kev, brought back club asset Coty Garcia – who will start at reserve – and the biggest cheer of the night came when it was announced NBJ would be returning!

Our promotion has put together a team who WANT to ride for us, and who have, as stated by Jamie himself, are prepared to take a pay cut to be here – doesn’t that speak volumes about the seven who are donning our colours?

It’s also five of the team which took us so agonisingly close to last season’s play-offs. Plus, we’ll have an eighth man on hand in the pits, as we know David Howe will be there every week with Nicolaj.

The season ticket prices have been frozen at last season’s prices at £199 until January 9th. This includes a free programme and for fifteen meetings averages out at just £13.20 a match – quite frankly you ain’t gonna find a better-value ticket out there and even my beloved husband, the former Rye House supporter, has bought one!

Normal admission has been raised to £17. Yes, it’s a bit of a hike, but as was explained at the Forum we have just been brought into line with what others are doing now and hell, if this can help towards maintaining survival of the club for years to come, then I’m all for it!

It was also announced by Jamie that he has put in a bid for a “shared event” meeting,with it to be confirmed in the New Year if we have been successful.

We’ve certainly got the facilities, and experience, at Shielfield Park to manage another bigger-scale event.

There’s so much to look forward to in 2019 for our warriors in Black and Gold – get out there and spread the word – let’s continue the feelgood factor which was so-successfully regenerated in 2018!


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